Emerald diamonds tsavorite yellow sapphire gold brooch

36 000 $

Gold brooch with natural emerald with Diamonds, Tsavorite, Yellow Sapphire

gemstones origin - Africa

emerald measurements - 0.12 x 0.2 x 0.28 in / 3 х 5 х 7 mm - 1.10 ct

brooch measurements - 0.39 x 1.34 x 2.52 in / 10 х 34 х 64 mm

ref No 11213

Vintage-inspired Emerald, Diamond Gold Brooch with Yellow Sapphire

Shaped like a gorgeous feather with a flat-cut emerald as focus-point, this Emerald, Diamond Gold Brooch with Yellow Sapphire is so exquisite that it can be compared with one of the sculptural masterpieces of the Roman baroque style, the ‘Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.’

The sculpture was inspired by a vision of Saint Teresa, which she described in a very visual, even sexual way. An angel plunged a golden spear into her heart, leaving her breathless and consumed with a spiritual pain so intense that she did not want it to end.

This brooch is the contemporary transformation of the sculpture found in the Cornaro Chapel, in Santa Maria della Vittoria, in Rome. The artist was Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Why do we say this?

Bernini began by designing the chapel as the 'theatre' for his sculpture. Similarly, the Vintage-inspired Emerald, Diamond Gold Brooch also needs a setting, a background. That, of course, is you!

The ‘Ecstasy’ is floodlit by beams of natural light from a hidden window. The natural light mingles with the shine from a cluster of vertical bronze shafts behind the sculpture, shaped to bear a resemblance to the rays of the sun.

Imagine this precious gold brooch in your outstretched hand. Rays of rainbow aurora will bounce and shimmer, just like it does on the ‘Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.’


The third rank among gemstones is assigned for
Smaragdi. Several reasons to the ‘smaragdus.’ Certainly,
no colour has a more pleasing appearance. For although
we gaze eagerly at young plants and at leaves, we look at
‘smaragdi’ with all the more pleasure because, compared
with them, there is nothing whatsoever that is more
intensely green. Moreover, they alone of gems, when we
look at them intently, satisfy the eye without cloying it.

- Pliny the Elder, The Natural History, Book XXXVII

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  • Metal: Gold

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