Boulder opal ivy earrings in gold and patinated silver

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Inspired by the luscious dewy drops that fall on the Ivy and looming trees in the forest during morning time, allow these custom made Boulder Opal dangle earrings to call in the essence of nature’s ethereal magic. The gorgeous boulder opals display an inviting rainbow play-of-color, exuding an air of tranquility reminiscent of the map of middle earth. These imaginative dangle earrings are designed with patinated silver, giving them a rustic, earthy vibe, bringing the swirling ivy leaves to life with incredible craftsmanship. This metalwork method comes from 18th century metalwork technology that gives the silver a rich blackened finish. The darkened finish coupled with the brightness of the stones amplifies the stone’s innate beauty, color, and fire, magnifying the magnificent beauty of the stone. Old French ink adds rich color, bringing out the remarkable detailing. The upper part of the earring features brightly polished 18k yellow gold. 18k yellow gold is suitable metal for sensitive ears, free of allergens and toxic metals, soft and gentle on the skin. These earrings are reversible and can be worn with the blackened or yellow metal side. These unique earrings are 100% handmade with more than 150 hours of work, making each piece from the Ivy Collection a decadent token of artistry.

Boulder Opal earrings in yellow gold and blackened silver

opal origin - Australia

opal measurements - 0.79 х 1.18 in / 20 х 30 mm

opal weight - 44.20 carats

earrings length - 2.17 in / 55 mm

earrings weight - 22 grams

ref No 8449

Worldwide shipping from Berlin, Germany.

  • Metal: ЗолотоСеребро

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